Desktop & IT Support

About CyberSonic Technologies

CyberSonic Technologies is a third-party technical support provider in the IT industry. We provide IT and network support services around the clock and at all locations, working with diligence and commitment to fulfil our clients’ needs. Our network of highly-skilled in-house experts and field engineers is available to provide both remote and on-site IT assistance.

Our services cover all domains of IT and Network systems including deployment, maintenance, enhancement and migration, for PC hardware/software, peripheral devices, network infrastructure, and data centers. We also provide technical recruitment facilitation.

Our team is highly skilled and together capable of providing complete Level 1, 2, and 3 services:

Level 1: Basic support and troubleshooting, call support

Level 2: Handling more complex issues like in-house software/hardware installations, troubleshooting, and repair

Level 3: Fixing deep-rooted and subtle issues and performing major infrastructure, network and server developments

Our motivation is to work on your terms, at your schedule, and at the location you require us to be. We believe in resolving our clients’ problems fully and to provide not just technical fixes but also professional advice and instructions to fully inculcate understanding of the issue, the solution, and future handling.

We pride ourselves on our fast delivery and our precision in addressing the smallest of details in the task at hand. We value customer satisfaction and trust above all. Quality and professionalism are in our DNA and we regularly invest in training and skill-building of our taskforce to make sure the quality of work we deliver stays on top.